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Understanding CSA

What does CSA mean?

CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture. The concept is based in the importance of local farms in the vitality of each community.  Since in the last 50 years agriculture has become dominated by large agribusiness and monoculture, many small family farms find it hard to stay in business. Some communities decided to combat the trend by paying the farmer in advance of the season for a share in that farm's produce so he or she would have the means to purchase seed, equipment, and labor for the season. 

Until then, it was the farmer who took all the risk of food production, and due to natural catastrophes or changes in the market, often wouldn't get any money for all their investment of money, time, and effort. Under the CSA system, both producers and consumers shoulder the risk, but the benefit goes far beyond the bank account.


The source of food shouldn't be a far-distant land or unknown faces. By working closely with their local farmers and choosing farmers who commit to producing nutrient dense food with healthy soil practices that encourage the diversity of the soil microbiome and support a safe, sustainable environment, people gain immense security in the sustainability and quality of their food. A strong and vibrant community depends on relationships like these.

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