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Certified Organic Dairy since 2014

Dennis and Lynn bought this farm in December of 2013, and moved in on one of the coldest days possible. We started milking 12 cows on April 1st, 2014, when our first cow, Rozella, freshened, and the adventure truly began. We learned a lot that first year and every year after, and have loved living on a working farm. Although we began as a dairy, we always wanted to be part of a sustainable community that shared our beliefs in the importance of regenerative agriculture, sustainable farm practices, and ethical treatment of all - animals, people, our biome.

Although we soon began to supply those who asked with eggs, pork, beef, and other farm products, we also wanted to increase the size of our community. In 2022, that dream was realized as we put into action our plan to create a CSA centered on providing rich and nourishing produce, herbs, berries, fruit, honey, and flowers.

In addition, we have opened a cottage bakery and farm store here on the farm. We produce bread, cookies and other bakery using organic, heritage grains, stone ground to order. 

Stop in today for a visit and a hot cup of coffee. We would love to meet you!

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About Silver Pond Farm

Silver Pond Farm started in 2013 as an organic dairy farm proudly shipping our milk through the Westby cooperative to several local organic cheese factories. We are now adding a CSA Market Garden in our quest to build a strong community around healthy food, local agricultural, and sustainable, regenerative farming.  Our farm is very committed to growing the most nutritious produce possible through biodynamic practices. We will be producing many different varieties of vegetables, including unusual varieties of old favorites, as well as herbs, flowers and fruits. Although this is the first year of our market garden, we have an orchard of different fruits in varied stages of maturity, so we can expect apples, plums, and other fruits most autumns. We also raise chickens, Muscovy ducks, and a large goose flock, giving us a delicious assortment of eggs to share with you.

Silver Pond Farm is part of the FairShare Coalition, as well as being listed on the Farm Fresh Atlas in Wisconsin and in Lying on 8 1/2 acres in an area full of artesian wells, and surrounded by woods and hunting land, it is a beautiful location for a family farm. The Roitts are only the 4th family to ever own the farm, which was built during the 1800s and added onto by succeeding owners. The farm's milking parlor, a building created for milking cows away from their living area, was installed in the 1950's but only required minor reconstruction to be able to handle the Roitts' herd almost 70 years later.

The dairy part of the farm was certified organic by Nature's International Certifying Service early in 2014, within just 3 months of the Roitts moving in. The conversion of a portion of the east pasture into the new market garden has been an exciting development in the farm's 9th year of operation. 

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